A Target Steps Up
ABRC it is your support that helped me get moving and understand what I needed to do. You are great. There were 4 people in my art class dealing with the same thing I am. I have found since you began talking with me that I have been able to begin to say goodbye, and as my work base was only a small part of my life, I now remember that I have a life!
I have begun to switch my focus towards the realization I have friends, family, and even my acquaintances, whom all value me. I have started to see what I have gained from my “farewell to the job” and what is actually real and meaningful in my life.
As I decode my situation …I have realized I need to gain the ability to build healthy boundaries ….before I go back to work. I do not want to work so hard that it consumes me ….in the very way that the bullying did. Work, life, me …a balance… from now own.

I have also gained an understanding that this process is messy! So, I am throwing out the work garbage, I have no attachment to this anymore, it’s all just things. I have also realized that I need to “take back me”from the bullying. If I continue to give in to the emotional control, I will continue to give pieces of me away to the bully. I know I can not change how these individuals continue to act, but what an executive coach has taught me is, I control how I respond.

I have a one-year goal…..I accept that it’s going to take work to recover and move to forward. I am all in. I am worth it! I am going to stick to it. You are terrific! If I can ever help ABRC let me know.
Corrine (of Alberta)



I first contacted Linda on 24th October 2015 after reading several of her on-line articles about bullying in the workplace. I was desperate for help and support as I was going through a very traumatic time with my manager who had been bullying and harassing me for many years. I didn’t know where to turn, but Linda offered to help, she listened and understood what I was going through. She always returned my messages and even gave me her own email address so that I would feel safe and less threatened. Linda was my go-to person even though I was 4232 miles away. She offered advice and reasoning but was never pushy. She was right in everything she said, I tried everything to make my situation better but in the end the organization won and I ended up leaving, it was the only way to be free and out of the toxic environment. I hope to one day thank her in person as she gave me the strength and courage and determination to come to terms with my plight and to help myself by standing up to my bully. Linda deserves this recognition as she puts the needs of others first, I always used to refer to Linda as “My Canadian Lifeline”!!

Signed, Liz

Lives in Transition (LIT) provides a wholistic service to women whose primary barrier to employment is a history of domestic abuse. The program is designed to help women move towards the end goal of employment, further education and/or training. Throughout the 30 weeks that clients can be with us we will offer component programming as well as supportive services, counselling and support group building activities. All of the components of the program come together to create an enriching experience for the client through which she can create a stronger foundation to move forward with her life.
www.litinc.ca 780-496-9224

ABRC Inc. provides ongoing a workshops to LIT for people who are recovering from domestic violence and preparing to re-enter the workforce. This workshop provides an overview of the relationship between domestic violence and bullying at all ages. We review definitions, terminology, signs and tactics of bullying, profile of a bully, targets and bystanders, methods for prevention, interventions, solutions, options, resources and recovery. This workshop is adapted to meet the needs and best interests of each unique audience. Contact 780-965-7480 for more information.

Waterhen Lake First Nations Workshop:


I would very much like to thank you for your presentation at our staff retreat. The presentation focused on work place bullying which does happen whether you’re an employee of a big corporation or an employee of a First Nation. We as employees felt we needed to address workplace bullying also known as lateral violence, the presentation was presented in a way where it was addressed using personal examples and I think this made a lot of us feel very comfortable. The group exercises made us think and made us feel comfortable with each other. Linda, you showed us you cared about what was happening in our work place and you were so willing to talk to our staff if they wanted to speak to you one on one. On behalf of our staff and Chief and Council, thank you!! I myself have seen the improvements in the staff relations, the communication has improved, it’s more open and I believe you have helped us put back the “team” into “teamwork” Once again, thank you!! Judy Abraham – Human Resources Waterhen Lake First Nation


Linda you saved my life. Hearing you speak about your experience at the conference made me realize exactly what was happening to me. I’ve walking around in a fog feeling hopeless until I heard you say “Name It”. It was a life saver, the timing, your words. This has changed everything for me!   (name protected)  social worker


Linda, thank you for doing this work. It takes a lot of guts to stand up there (especially in social work) and speak out about this abuse. We never talk about this, well not openly. No one feels safe. It is needed and I hope more people will follow your lead and start sharing. More who talk, more are heard.   Joanne G.


Linda, I am always impressed and touched by your writing. Thank you for your deep honestly, it is a breath of fresh air.  Angie F.  Junior High Teacher


Your presentation and compilation of resources are fantastic. You provide important information that social workers need to know if they encounter these issues in their work place. I have gained so much from this and I now I will step up and support my colleague who has been suffering for a few months now. Until now I just did not know what to do! Thank you ! Hope you keep on going with this!  Pauline S.


Linda you have been a wonderful support to me through all of my unfortunate work situation. I feel very fortunate to have had this contact with you. You have an important purpose and you are doing great work. I like that though you are developing your expertise in this area and have much more knowledge on this than I do, you are so open and you enjoy learning from your participants. We have shared and exchanged ideas and this makes me feel heard, understood, supported, and empowered. So thank you.  Yvonne E. Nurse


Your support has been incredibly valuable. It helps just to know that my concerns are valid. I can’t stand to consider myself a “victim” and I avoid engaging in dysfunctional relationships in my personal life so it upsets me to think that I can be forced into this role as a professional. Your work is important for I am sure there are many of us scared to come forward for many reasons.  Laura Mc  Social Worker


I can not thank you enough for all of the support and advice that you have provided to me, which I have in turn been able to provide to my co-worker who is also in the same situation. In many ways bullying can be compared to being in an abusive relationship and one of the strategies that the abuser uses is to make you feel isolated and alone, so building connections with other strong individuals who are willing to support you really is one of the most effective ways of overcoming the abuse. It truly means alot to me. It also kind of freaks me out as I have not yet fully embraced/accepted technology and I still can’t believe that you can just meet people in your computer! Lol     Evelyn M. admin staff.


For years I just knew that some dark cloud followed me where ever went in my job, but I never knew what it was. Now I do. Linda is the first social worker that I know of, who has ever spoken out about bullying in my profession. Sure we whisper about it, but no one has stood up in front of other social workers.  Until I read her stories in the ACSW Advocate, and then the stories in her resource kit, I kept my mouth closed. I keep missing her workshops because they get booked so fast. That tells me alot of social workers aren’t speaking out but sure want to know about it. Thanks for your courage, and strength. You helped me to know what to look for, and what I can do if it happens again.

– S.B (BSW, RSW)