Seniors Bullying

Our senior years should be one of enjoyment, peace, comfort, safety, emotional healing and
creativity. If you or someone you know is struggling, then we want you to know that you have
just found an amazing resource. Our goal is to be a voice for those who are most vulnerable, a
voice of reason, understanding and compassion. To educate, support and help restore dignity
to those who have been bullied. We want to offer additional support to seniors, their families
and caregivers, and ensure that you are aware of policies and procedures to prevent the abuse
of bullying or psychological harassment, and that these policies are being followed consistently.

Jan Stefanic, Development Advisor and Business Consultant

Development Advisor and Business Consultant

Jan has a compassion to see people succeed not only in their business endeavors, but also in their personal growth. Her background is in senior management positions, and non-profit organizations i.e.: World Vision, Edmonton Dream Center, and the Mustard Seed. Jan also has cherished her time in the role as a Care Team Member for Marketplace Care Team Canada; working with Companies caring for their employees and families in stress & crisis related issues.

Seniors who Experience Bullying

Jan Stefanic is a Life Coach with a specific interest and hands on work experience teaching and supporting seniors who experience the stress and duress of workplace or community bullying.  She offers ½ hr to 1 hr training programs to senior and families in facilities. Jan also provides one to one support to anyone seeking information, resources, and a good ear to who understands these complex situations. 

Jan is a strong advocate for those who don’t have a voice and for those who are the most vulnerable. One of her greatest missions is to advocate for senior women in the workforce who are experiencing bullying; as well as women living in violent situations. Jan understands “bullying the impact employees, and the aftermath of dealing with depression, anger, and fear. She has a keen insight on tools required for prevention, intervention, and recovery.

Jan is also a strong advocate for seniors, who are most vulnerable. Those who may live in a senior or assisted living facility, who may have physical limitations and possibly, have to depend on others for their help and support.


Christian Work with Women

She is a former team Member for Marketplace Chaplain’s Care Team Canada; working with Companies caring for their employees and families in stress and crisis related issues.  Her skills, training, and experienced allow her to offer her Christian clients a variety of tools to move through their experience and return to a place of wholeness and stability. Jan has many years of experience in working with people in various states of life crisis and trauma. Her goal is to support clients as they rediscover their joy and passion for life once again. Jan offers one to one discipleship including supportive coaching and guidance.


If you would like to meet with Jan, contact her by email at ​and she will set up a free 15-minute consultation. Once you and Jan determine which resource is best for you, an appointment will be set for Jan to meet you in person, or for conversations over the phone. Jan will offer you guidance, support, a good ear and wise suggestions to help you meet your goals.  


Private sessions are $50.00 hour. Presentation fees are negotiable. Honorariums accepted.

All payments are to be made: cash, cheque or bank transfers (no credit or debit machines are available.)

Nolan Crouse has had significant managerial, governance and organizational leadership role in sport, government and the forest products industry in both Canada and the United States.  He managed and owned businesses that manufactured pulp, paper, lumber, fiberboard, strawboard and wood packaging.  This included managing the Procter and Gamble Charmin Tissue Manufacturing operations in the northeastern United States. 

Today, Nolan uses those experiences to facilitate Board and Management team needs, perform Executive Appraisals, teach at the University of Alberta, preside over challenging public meetings, assist organizations who have bullying and harassment related needs and provide consulting/investigation services for municipalities.

ABRC (Alberta Bullying Centre) is your one-stop resource organization to lead or assist organizations and individuals with training, investigations, counselling (and more) in the area of bullying.  As one of the ABRC Associates, Nolan trains and facilitates groups, teams, individuals, and organizations across Canada and will come to your community or your organization to assist with training, counselling and investigations in the area of bullying.

More about Nolan …

Nolan holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (Community Economic Development from Cape Breton University) and this formed the basis for his role as an elected representative in public service where he served as a City Councillor and Mayor for 13 years total, 10 as Mayor.

In addition to holding significant executive roles within the private sector with Procter and Gamble, Alberta Energy Company, West Fraser Timber, Compak Forestburg and Sunchild Forest Products, Nolan Crouse also started up a Junior Hockey franchise in Canada as its first Coach and General Manager and separately co-owned a hockey franchise before divesting and leaving that industry in 2004.

Nolan’s community involvement includes the United Way, Canada Day, Arctic Games, Canada Winter Games and 31 years of coaching hockey, just to name a few areas of community service.  

Throughout his career in Industry, Sport and Politics, Nolan Crouse experienced and observed bullying in a variety of forms and as such has become involved in assisting others in working to reduce such behaviours in the work place and society as well as assist individuals and groups who wish to learn more, especially with the new legislation now in effect.


Nolan Crouse, MBA Community Economic Development

Key Governance Roles

  • Mayor, City of Albert
  • Chair, Board of Directors Capital Region (24 Mayors)
  • Governor, Alberta Junior Hockey League
  • Board, Grande Prairie Credit Union
  • Board, Canada Winter Games Bid
  • Co-Chair, Arctic Winter Games Bid
  • President, Indoor Ice Society
  • Board, Forest Industry Suppliers Association
  • Board, Alberta Forest Products Association Public Relations
  • Finance and Audit Committee (current) (Covenant Health)

Community Experience and Recognition

  • Queen’s Jubilee Award Recipient
  • Key to City, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
  • Alberta Francophone Association; (ACFA, Friends of Francophones Award)
  • Certified Auctioneer
  • John Bates Award, Canadian Pulp and Paper Association
  • Paul Harris Fellowship award – Rotary International
  • Hockey Alberta, Coach of the Year Award

Trainer, group facilitator, support to teams, individuals, and organizations across Canada. Nolan will come to your community or your organization.

Learn more about Nolan Crouse at

Industry Executive

Former Mayor

Board Chair

Community Leader