Family and Community Safety Inspiration Award 2017

Linda Crockett awarded the Family and Community Safety Inspiration Award 2017 from the Government of Alberta
For Individual Leadership in Bullying Prevention

ABRC is the only resource in Alberta offering a variety of services exclusive
to Employers & Employees impacted by workplace Bullying.


Linda Crockett of Edmonton is being recognized for her leadership role in advocating for those affected by bullying. She is the founder of the Alberta Bullying Research, Resources & Recovery Centre, which provides education, awareness, advocacy, and recovery counselling services for anyone affected by bullying, including rehabilitation for perpetrators. Linda has facilitated workshops to social workers, teachers, youth justice volunteers, the Edmonton Support Network, First Nation Communities, and teens and domestic violence survivors preparing for the workplace. Linda also advocates on legislation changes, to add “psychological harassment” and “psychological violence” to provincial and federal labour legislation.