Workplace Specialist Resource Network (WSRN)

The Workplace Specialist Resource Network (WSRN)

offers services under the following four pillars:

Education, Prevention, Intervention, and Recovery/Rehabilitation Services.

WSRN is in the early stages of development. Currently we have 17 members collaborating, developing, and exchanging resources. Our goal is to provide top services to Canadian Employers and Employees, and their associated Medical Teams, OHS, Unions, Insurance Companies, and other professionals. This network also provides each workplace specialist with the opportunity for immediate access to resources, ongoing professional development, and support through the sharing of skills and experiences.

We believe in a team approach for complex workplace concerns.

Examples of WSRN services include:
Workplace Consultations and Assessments
Policy Review and Revisions
Specialized Investigations
Specialized Clinical Counselling
Mediation Services
Education: Workshops, Presentations, and Training

Mission: TBA

Vision: TBA

Future Goals:
improve workplace resources and services, fill gaps in services, and offer quality support for all clients
offer an intake process for immediate case referral and recommendations
improve safety of all employees
prevent and decrease psychological harm ( psychological harassment/violence)
prevent and decrease physical harm
provide a more fluid process for clients to access services (i.e.: improved communications between services via training and support throughout each process
review and interpretation of policies, Human Rights, Labour Standards) and expectations (i.e.. time lines, processes for complaints, investigations, medical benefits, form completions),
address crisis situations with immediate referrals
provide information and support
prevent delays and the potential for secondary harm (i.e.: additional frustration, confusion, errors, isolation, anxiety, and the physical symptoms related to added stress), which inevitably improves time lines for all parties (i.e.; prevention or decreased sick leave, earlier and more successful outcomes for return to work)
Advocacy re: Provincial and Federal Labour Laws.

Members: TBA