What Makes Me A Target Of Bullying?

Workplace bullying is not the stereotypical school yard bully that we are all seeing far too often in the news these days. The following are a few suggested reasons taken from numerous resources sited on my website. See my resource section.

  • Simple yet tragic for some “you may be in the wrong place at the wrong time”.
  • You are good at your job and often excelling.
  • You are popular with people, clients and supports, community resources.
  • You have a well-defined set of values which you are unwilling to compromise.
  • Have a strong sense of integrity which brings you a air of confidence.
  • Vulnerability that can be exploited. i.e.: on probation, illness, experiencing life crisis.
  • Showing independence of thought/action, motivated, innovative, self reliant, positive.
  • You may be seen as the expert and the person to whom others come for advice, either personal or professional (i.e. you get more attention than the bully).

Research identifies these as examples of risk factors.

  • employment reorganization, change in leadership, service structure.
  • unresolved historical staffing issues.
  • standing up for a colleague who is being bullied.
  • blowing the whistle on incompetence: filing complaints (ethics, malpractice, fraud, illegality, breaches of procedure, breaches of health & safety regulations).
  • suffering illness or injury, whether work related or not.
  • your skills unwittingly highlights a comparison with the bully’s lack of performance.

These are just a few samples of why some people become targets of bullying. Support your own recovery by seeking more information and talking about your experiences with others who support you. Consider a professional consult, coaching sessions and/or counselling to work through your personal and unique experience.

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