Repair and Recovery

Repair & Recovery

  • Resources for Employees Harmed
  • Resource for Disruptive Employees
  • Psycho-Educational Support Groups
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Resources for Employees harmed by workplace harassment and/or bullying,

Linda offers the following:

Linda Crockett has worked with thousands of employees since starting her specialty in 2010.  Over the years she has learned the importance of providing a variety of skills within each session. Depending on what each client’s needs, Linda interchanges her skills between providing safety and support, guidance and education, advocacy, through to workplace coaching, brief or solution focused counselling to trauma therapy. Her ability to interchange these skills prevents interruptions or delays in their progress. Linda provides the genuine and expert knowledge to support to those impacted by harassment and bullying in their workplace. 

First session will involve an assessment on the client’s experiences, needs, resources, employers’ policies, and steps taken so far. We will prioritize for strategy development and goal setting. Building a place of safety and trust is a priority. It will take time. We will focus on your safety and building a connection.

Ongoing sessions will depend on the client’s situation. Each case is unique.


Short term exposure to workplace harassment or bulling may only require 1 – 4 sessions. Long term exposure will change the number of sessions depending on client resources, supports, and motivation towards their recovery. 

Some people will require emergency resources i.e.: legal, union, income etc., before treatment can begin.

Some people will require symptom stabilization before additional resources become involved and/or a treatment plan can be established. 

Employees harmed by workplace harassment and bullying will need to commit to recovery with or without justice. Your physical and mental health must become a priority. 

Resources for Disruptive Employees 

When an Employee is identified in an investigation as being disruptive and causing harm to another employee(s), Linda provides an assessment and specialized rehabilitation program. Most often the employee is referred to Linda via the Employer on a mandatory basis. This is the employees’ chance to save their jobs.  Services offered are a safe place for non-judgmental support, education, coaching, and when necessary, counselling. The assessment will determine the employees’ level of self-insight, motivation, barriers to change, and areas in need of development or improvement. Without even the smallest level of self-insight, change and progress will not occur. Linda has worked with many employees identified as disruptive.  Some are shocked at the investigation outcome and they are ready and willing to do anything to change.  Others will range in levels of denial and resistance. Linda has developed a reliable process to assist those who were motivated, and those who are resistant. She often states that this is the most interesting and rewarding area of her work. 

Psycho-Education Support Group for Employees in Recovery

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Facilitated Discussions 

Advocacy Response Team