Report Alberta Bullying

Jan Stefanic
ABRC Intake Line

Jan is a Development Advisor and Business Consultant, who has a compassion to see people succeed not only in their Business endeavors but also in their personal growth. With a background in nonprofit, in Senior Management roles Jan has worked with organizations such as World Vision, Edmonton Dream Center and the Mustard Seed raising significant funds for such worthy causes. Jan also has cherished her time in the role as a Care Team Member for Marketplace Care Team Canada; working with Companies caring for their employees and families in stress & crisis related issues. She possesses a strong belief in being able to see the potential in others and believes no individual is fully formed. Each individual is a work in progress, alive with possibilities. When she interacts with others, her goal is to help them experience success, she looks for ways to challenge them. And all the while she is on the lookout for the signs of growth or a new behavior learned or modified, a slight improvement in a skill, a glimpse of excellence, for Jan these small increments invisible to some are clear signs of potential being realized. These signs of growth in others are her fuel. Jan is a strong advocate for those who don’t have a voice, those who are the most vulnerable. She has worked in the inner city with both women and men, as well as Internationally to bring recognition to the plight of the world’s poorest children. One of her greatest missions is to advocate for women in the workforce who are experiencing bullying; as well as women living in violent situations. She has recently joined the team at ABRC in the position of Report Bullying Intake Line. Jan fully understands “bullying the impact employees, and the aftermath of dealing with depression, anger, and fear. She has a keen insight on tools required for prevention, intervention, and recovery. That is why she agrees with the mission of ABRC. “All voices will be heard”. No matter how complicated, intense, confusing, or hopeless your situation may feel – ABRC is here to support you through it!”


Market Place Care Team Training – Certification
Cyber Stalking Seminar Diverse Voices – Family Violence
Creative Writing – Arts Center
Business Speaking Skills – Rockhurst University
Powerful Communications Skills for Women – Rockhurst University