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Please visit your MLA and talk about the concerns you have. Most of all, write to our Minister of Labour and let her know how important it is to create healthy and safe workplaces. Tell them your story! We want protection, and we want protection for our children when they enter the workforce. Your voice is powerful, and this has been proven time and time again. Take this action as soon as possible. We need you!

Gray, Christina, Honourable
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Message to Fellow Canadians  

Workplace psychological violence (campaigns of harassment, discrimination, bullying and other methods of inflicting harm) impacts thousands of Canadians across the country, it can cause injury, illness, even fatalities and other losses.

The Canada Labour Code (CLC) regulates employers who work in multiple of provinces. It does not provide legal definition of what constitutes workplace psychological harassment and violence and it is not legally defined or prohibited in any other Code either. This legislation gap causes further impacts for those who suffer losses and seek resolution, many receive no resolution. It also leaves the door open for the ones who operate with this violence to continue to do so because they know how to maneuver around the general requirements in the CLC.

I sent a letter to the Government of Canada Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, requesting an amendment to the CLC to directly prohibit workplace psychological violence and hazardous work environment caused by this violence. Providing a legislation definition is needed to improve the CLC’s general requirements on violence prevention.

Training and education for all roles involved in this violence, including bystander witnesses, is key to have sustained long-term improvements. Clear legislation definition will help ensure that realistic and adequate knowledge and skills training based on current research data and professional expertise will be mandated, prioritized and resourced. Without this legislation definition, progress is likely to remain low and fragmented on this issue for federally regulated workers.

My goal to improve safety for workers who suffer injury/illness and other losses when becoming a target of a workplace psychological violence campaigns, is founded on my learning from the impacts I endured the past four years from such a campaign. By examining labour law I found opportunity to improve current legislation that will provide better protection.

Sincerely, Wendy Gaucher-Bigcharles

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