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Kelly Donovan

Fit4DutyTM Founder & President, Kelly Donovan has experience working as a police officer, financial professional and Director for two non-profit Boards of Directors.  Kelly’s well-rounded experience and proven integrity will ensure that your organization meets the level of accountability and transparency that the public and stakeholders expect.  Fit4DutyTM will tailor an Anti-Corruption Programme with you to suit your needs in order to identify internal issues before they become formal complaints or lawsuits.

The objective of Fit4DutyTM is to improve The Ethical StandardTM of government and corporate agencies with training, policy evaluation & development, outreach and whistleblower programs.    This can only be achieved when a knowledgeable, experienced, ethical, independent and impartial body gets involved.

Government agencies have a responsibility to tax payers to maintain the highest level of integrity and effective oversight.   Corporations have a responsibility to their shareholders and customers to ensure that no internal misconduct is going unnoticed. Fit4DutyTM has a variety of Services to improve the level of accountability and transparency of both government and corporate agencies.   ​

Business owners and oversight bodies have responsibilities to fulfill under specific legislation (such as Ontario Health and Safety Act, Securities Act, Police Services Act, etc).  Let Fit4DutyTM help you develop policies and programs to identify issues before they become headlines and ensure that all internal matters are investigated impartially and unbiased.  Our standard goes well beyond simply meeting your requirements under current legislation.   According to Transparency International, the least corrupt country in the world in 2016 was Finland who prides itself on general principles of openness, transparency and accountability of pubic administration.  Where legislation falls short, there is Fit4DutyTM.

Kelly has a Statistics Degree from the University of Western Ontario, Canadian Securities Course and was valedictorian of her graduating class from Brantford Collegiate Institute.  Kelly is available for speaking engagements on many topics.

Kelly’s website is:  www.fit4duty.ca


Read Kelly’s Report:

Good Day fellow of supporters of the good fight,

Today is the day I make my report public and distribute it to all police services boards, members of Parliament and members of the House of Commons from Ontario.
Please post, share and distribute as widely as you see fit.  It’s long, but the executive summary should help.
You have all helped to make this happen in your own ways; inspired me, doubted me, shared, sacrificed.  Thank you.