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Treating Targets of Workplace Bullying: A Two-Day Training for Essential Skills for Treatment Professionals

The two day training will:

  • Assist mental health professions to understand what bullying and harassment involves, the causes, personal injuries, organizational damage and possible consequences, as well as develop some understanding of what can be done for employers and employees.
  • Provide a neurological, and psychological theoretical understanding as to why bullying is so harmful, even though the behaviours may be subtle and perceptions can vary.
  • Discuss essential knowledge and skills for the therapist. This includes ethical considerations, transference and boundary issues, self-awareness, review of the current state of research internationally, diagnostic frameworks, treatment options, goals of treatment, (for short and long term targets of bullying), aids to treatment, difficulties in therapy,
  • Review of the Therapist SIG treatment protocol recommendations
  • Treating rumination
  • Review of hospital based and residential treatment programs in Europe
  • Disability management and return to work strategies

Workplace Management

  • Workplace issues: workplace stress, workplace anti-bullying programs, change management, stress management, harassment investigations, threat assessment, and coaching
  • Organizational effectiveness including key-note speakers, learning and development for all employees including topics such as the inclusive workplace, managing change, remedies for workplace stress and burnout, team engagement and intervention
  • Performance management including how to best manage behaviours including relevant skill development for HR professionals, line managers and organizational leaders
  • Development and implementation of an informal conflict management system
  • Coaching and mentoring of individual contributors and leaders
  • Review, writing and renewal of human resource policies including the development of a communication strategy to inform all stakeholders
  • Lead workplace diagnostics including the analysis of issues, identifying underlying interests and proposing recommendations for change
  • Employee and labour relations training for managers with an emphasis on accountability, building a respectful workplace and performance management
  • Coordinated, co-facilitated and train-the-trainers program in interest-based conflict resolution
  • Bullying Adults with Intellectual Disabilities


(Presenting at NASW Conference Washington DC 2014)

ABRC’s Workshops

  • Workplace Bullying Experienced by Social Workers: risks and opportunities
  • Workplace Bullying: prevention for survivors of domestic violence
  • Workplace Bullying For Teens Entering the Workplace
  • Workplace Bullying & Lateral Violence In Aboriginal Communities


 Pat Ferris Services


  • Treatment of targets of workplace bullying
  • Disability management and consultation regarding the employee that has been injured with exposure to workplace bullying
  • Training and consultation/supervision to professional clinicians treating targets of workplace bullying
  • Workshops for employees and supervisors on identifying, preventing, and managing workplace bullying
  • Training for Human Resources professionals – essential skills for the HR professional for detecting and managing incidents of workplace bullying
  • Senior leader briefs on workplace bullying

Treatment initiatives are encouraged for face to face service however, when people are remote, Skype services are offered.
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