Our Workshops

Workplace Management

  • Workplace issues: workplace stress, workplace anti-bullying programs, change management, stress management, harassment investigations, threat assessment, and coaching
  • Organizational effectiveness including key-note speakers, learning and development for all employees including topics such as the inclusive workplace, managing change, remedies for workplace stress and burnout, team engagement and intervention
  • Performance management including how to best manage behaviours including relevant skill development for HR professionals, line managers and organizational leaders
  • Development and implementation of an informal conflict management system
  • Coaching and mentoring of individual contributors and leaders
  • Review, writing and renewal of human resource policies including the development of a communication strategy to inform all stakeholders
  • Lead workplace diagnostics including the analysis of issues, identifying underlying interests and proposing recommendations for change
  • Employee and labour relations training for managers with an emphasis on accountability, building a respectful workplace and performance management
  • Coordinated, co-facilitated and train-the-trainers program in interest-based conflict resolution
  • Bullying Adults with Intellectual Disabilities











(Presenting at NASW Conference Washington DC 2014)

ABRC’s Workshops

  • Workplace Bullying Experienced by Social Workers: risks and opportunities
  • Workplace Bullying: prevention for survivors of domestic violence
  • Workplace Bullying For Teens Entering the Workplace
  • Workplace Bullying & Lateral Violence In Aboriginal Communities








 Pat Ferris Services


  • Treatment of targets of workplace bullying
  • Disability management and consultation regarding the employee that has been injured with exposure to workplace bullying
  • Training and consultation/supervision to professional clinicians treating targets of workplace bullying
  • Workshops for employees and supervisors on identifying, preventing, and managing workplace bullying
  • Training for Human Resources professionals – essential skills for the HR professional for detecting and managing incidents of workplace bullying
  • Senior leader briefs on workplace bullying


Treatment initiatives are encouraged for face to face service however, when people are remote, Skype services are offered.

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