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Workplace Assessments, Investigations, Policy Development, Conflict Resolution, Restorative Justice, Mediation - Coaching, Education-Workshops, Consults, Counselling and Therapeutic Treatment.




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Workplace Management 2355 Crockett websize

  • Workplace issues: workplace stress, workplace anti-bullying programs, change management, stress management, harassment investigations, threat assessment, and coaching
  • Organizational effectiveness including key-note speakers, learning and development for all employees including topics such as the inclusive workplace, managing change, remedies for workplace stress and burnout, team engagement and intervention
  • Performance management including how to best manage behaviours including relevant skill development for HR professionals, line managers and organizational leaders
  • Development and implementation of an informal conflict management system
  • Coaching and mentoring of individual contributors and leaders
  • Review, writing and renewal of human resource policies including the development of a communication strategy to inform all stakeholders
  • Lead workplace diagnostics including the analysis of issues, identifying underlying interests and proposing recommendations for change
  • Employee and labour relations training for managers with an emphasis on accountability, building a respectful workplace and performance management
  • Coordinated, co-facilitated and train-the-trainers program in interest-based conflict resolution
  • Bullying Adults with Intellectual Disabilities











(Presenting at NASW Conference Washington DC 2014)



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Symptoms of Workplace Bullying Trauma

  • fear, anxiety, insomnia, preoccupation, body tension
  • worry, sadness, anger, loss of confidence, guilt or low self esteem
  • anxiety, depression or symptoms of post-traumatic stress?
  • loss of self, sense of safety, work or life enjoyment
  • hopelessness, feeling stuck, trapped

Targets, Bystanders, and their loved ones suffer from the effects of workplace abuse.

We offer a combined expertise: workplace coaching, consulting and clinical counselling

  • return to a place of clarity and safety
  • belong to a community who share your experience
  • develop individualized strategies for healing and recovery
  • overcoming chronic stress and anxiety
  • regain your sense of self, self-esteem and self-worth (even greater than before!)
  • restore your personal faith and life/work meaning
  • rebuild your relationships with self and others
  • experience hope from a team process of solution brainstorming, validations, and witnessing successes
  • support through difficult decision making, job search, and interviews

We are here to assist you whether you are wishing to remain in the workplace, in the process of leaving, or have already left. If you are struggling with symptoms and reactions that are similar to what is listed above, contact us for assistance.

You no longer need to experience feeling alone.



Specialized Rehabilitation Program for Difficult Employees

Resources for those identified with Bully Behaviours


Linda Crockett of ABRC offers: resources, supports, coaching, and a variety of treatment or rehabilitation options.


For Adults in the Workplace 

At ABRC we believe that everyone has a right to resources. We also believe that everyone has a right to be heard. As a therapist and coach, listening to personal stories while working with adults who have been identified for having bullying behaviours, has been profoundly enlightening, and ground breaking. The more that we understand and learn about these behaviors, the more hopeful we can become about long term positive changes ahead. We will never fully resolve the problem of bullying without resources to treat those who are acting out. Many people with these behaviours do wish to understand their actions and make changes. Those of us who are work in this area have seen change happen with great success. 


Whether someone chooses to see us voluntarily, or on a mandatory basis, we have a variety of resources to offer.  


First session: 

  • Completion of a holistic assessment, psycho-education, with initial recommendations. Client will prepare for a minimum 2-hours, to maximum of 4-hour first session.
  • The following one-hour sessions will be continuation of assessment, treatment plan, and a review of progress. This is a flexible process due to our clients changing needs.


Follow up sessions:


  • Approximately 4-6 sessions will be booked in advance to support consistency and enhance the effectiveness of this treatment. 
  • Sessions will involve a blend of coaching, education, and when necessary, a therapeutic approach to any potential barriers. Treatment plans will be customized to fit the client’s personality, additional factors, resources available, goals to be established, and the client’s needs. Self-development homework will often be assigned.
  • Referrals to outside resources may occur. For example: courses to enhance soft skills, leadership skills, assertiveness versus aggression, career coaching, and/or a variety stress management, relaxation options i.e.: exercise, nutrition, massage, yoga, and more.
  • To complete our holistic assessment, clients are requested to book with their family physicians for a full physical prior to commencing the above sessions. We wish to address any potential health concerns impacting behaviours.  

Contact Linda Crockett at abullyrc@gmail.com or 780-965-7480 for more information.


For others (children or youth) identified with bullying behaviours, please contact Linda Crockett or Michele Buckle (ABRC link to Associates)









 Pat Ferris Services

  • Treatment of targets of workplace bullying
  • Disability management and consultation regarding the employee that has been injured with exposure to workplace bullying
  • Training and consultation/supervision to professional clinicians treating targets of workplace bullying
  • Workshops for employees and supervisors on identifying, preventing, and managing workplace bullying
  • Training for Human Resources professionals – essential skills for the HR professional for detecting and managing incidents of workplace bullying
  • Senior leader briefs on workplace bullying
  • Treatment initiatives are encouraged for face to face service however, when people are remote, Skype services are offered.



Specialized Workplace Bullying Coach

& Therapist in Clinical Practise

ABRC Linda Crockett has the ability to design services to meet you or your clients changing needs. For example, you or your employee initially requires short term coaching sessions. Suddenly and unexpectedly there is an emotional or psychological barrier that arises. There may be several reasons a client is not able to move past a specific incident. This may or may not have anything do to with the workplace. A regular coach will not have the training to address psychological issues i.e.: depression, anxiety, grief and loss, or other mental health issues. ABRC has the qualifications and license to switch your services from coach to counselling – without outside referrals and the disruption of your process. This is a flexible resource and most effective for addressing complex diverse cases such as those of workplace bullying.

Workplace Bullying Coach, and/or Counselling: we provide a safe and confidential space for you to seek support, solutions, relief and feel empowered. Our thorough assessments establish the support techniques and strategies required to fit your personal style. You may be encouraged to share in your confidential sessions: your story, experiences, and utilize the tools, methods, and/or other resources. We offer assistance to individuals and to various groups large and small. We will exchange information with you as we help you create strategies for problem solving. You are in charge. ABRC and our associates offer a wide breath of experience. Linda, Michele and Pat, each have over 25 years of experienced working with many corporations, small and large. Their knowledge and specialized training, provides you with quality suggestions, recommendations, advocacy, collaborations, and/or referral within your community.

Our services are offered to targets of bullying and their family members, bystanders, and those who wish to identify, understand, and change their behaviours that may be of offence to others.

Without recovery, people will likely continue to experience the discomfort of (example): anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, self-doubt, confusion, isolation, a sense of hopeless, difficultly with making decisions, and more. Support can prevent more serious issues like physical illness, mental illness, and suicidal ideation.

For more on our counselling sessions, please visit our COUNSELLING tab to read more.


For any of the above resources, the following are your contact options:

  • ABRC Office is located near 120 St. and 111 Ave Edmonton, Alberta. Call 780-965-7480 to make an appointment.
  • Michele Luit of Workplace Solutions is located in Calgary Alberta.
  • Pat Ferris is located in Calgary Alberta.
  • Coaching and counselling sessions are available via telephone, email, skype (or other chat programs).

Psycho-educational Support Groups:

  • Adult targets of workplace bullying
    (Groups are one session per week for 2 hours and 8 weeks in total)

  • Teen’s ages 8 – 12 and 13 – 18 who experienced bullying.

Our ABRC Web Site Offers A Variety Valuable Resources

  • Information, stories, free downloads, videos, and more… keep reading!

  • Dear Addie Column (Dear Advocate) allows for safe, anonymous and informative questions and teaching.

Seek support, without recovery, change just becomes much harder.


We welcome your call for more information

Linda R. Crockett MSW, RSW

NOTE: A sliding scale is offered to low income & non-profit organizations