Our Mandate and Our Philosophy

Alberta Bullying Research, Resources and Recovery Centre Incorporated


Providing Prevention, Early Intervention, and Restorative, Repair Services for Psychological Safety in our Workplaces

A Full-Service Provision


Philosophy: A Holistic Perspective Allowing All Voices to be Heard

We believe the first steps to enhancing psychological safety in the workplace is to build knowledge, stimulate open discussions, and teach about the signs, tactics, profiles, prevalence, and causes of harassment and bullying. Workers need to have an understanding and language to identify what is happening to them, and the Employers need tools to address it. With information and tools, leaders and employees can prevent and/or intervene earlier before any harm has occurred. Harassment and bullying can take a person’s self-confidence and voice away leaving them feeling hopeless. ABRC offers support and resources to employers, and employees. This includes those who are identified for acting out with harassing or bullying behaviours.

Workplace bullying is most often an insidious form of abuse taking place behind closed doors. When witnesses fear coming forward, employers, human rights commissions, unions, and insurance companies, including WCB, struggle to support those who are harmed.

Very few complaints are filed and/or accepted, when a bystander stays silent. Dissuasive statements e.g. ‘just stay under the radar’, ‘stop being so sensitive’, or ‘it’s just a personality conflict’, are avoidance statements which protect those who are offending employees rather than those who are being harmed.

ABRC’s collaborates with other professions to provide a wide range of diverse training, resources, and specialized services for employers and employees. We wish to fill many gaps that exists in Alberta resources for those affected by bullying.

No matter how complicated, intense, confusing or hopeless a situation may feel, we are here to support the Employer, and/or the Employee through it.

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Each case of workplace harassment and or bullying will be unique to each Employer and each of the Employees involved. We offer a holistic needs assessment to determine best practices and an ‘action plan’.  Workplace harassment and or bullying is often complex and multi-layered. Our combined expertise will allow for immediate interventions without interruption for the purpose of expediating the restoration and repair process. 

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The information provided on this web site is selected and designed by a variety of professionals including social workers, psychologists, youth workers, journalists, coaches, teachers, leadership experts, and more.

Contact ABRC to speak with professionals who are experienced, trained, and skilled at approaching these complex dynamics. 

Thank you, Linda Crockett