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Lori Singer Clinical Psychologist

Experienced clinical psychologist with a demonstrated history of working in mental health care internationally. Skilled in Crisis Management, Crisis Intervention, Clinical Supervision, Psychological Assessment, and Anger Management. Strong healthcare services professional with additional certification and expertise in cyber-therapy, virtual reality, and critical incident response. Currently Lori works jointly with her wife, a psychiatrist, Dr. Sarah Sultan, to conduct Legal Expertise particularly in cases pertaining to harassment, mobbing, and bullying within the workplace. In addition, Lori is expanding the virtual reality planform to help with issues such as fears of heights or small places and much more. In addition, VR is used to help with questions such as dating and relationships, public speaking, work and independence, and more.


Main Phone Number: 1-(800) 416-3991 (ext. Lori-101) (Ext. Sarah-102)