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Linda R. Crockett


Linda has been a professional social worker for over 26 years. As a witness and target of Workplace Bullying (including mobbing) in her own profession, her career is dedicated to development of a Centre which provides education, intervention, prevention, and recovery services for anyone affected by behaviours of bullying. Linda offers a holistic perspective to addressing the diverse, multi-layered, complex phenomenon of bullying.

She completed her Masters of Social Work Degree with a speciality in this area and later completed additional training at the Workplace Bullying Institute with Dr. Gary Namie. In August of 2015 Linda completed the Inaugural Summer School: Formulating Evidence Based Treatment for Targets of Bullying which was hosted by the International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment. Researchers and therapists from around the world shared their work with 24 helping professionals. This included assessment, diagnosis and treatment frameworks for treating people traumatized by bullying and harassment.

Linda has created a service in Edmonton Alberta to support healthy changes and increase health and safety for all communities within and outside of Alberta.

As a presenter, Linda has facilitated workshops to social workers, teachers, youth justice volunteers, the Edmonton Support Network, First Nation and Métis Communities, teens entering the workplace, domestic violence survivors preparing for the workplace, and more.

As a therapist, Linda offers a safe and confidential space for clients to feel heard and validated. Clients need to process their story and experience support during a difficult decision making period. Linda supports her clients with brainstorming solutions and options while treating symptoms that may vary from e.g. anxiety, fear, confusion, and the effects of isolation or ostracism. Many of Linda’s clients find themselves struggling with the complexity of navigating numerous systems e.g. insurance companies, medical teams, unions, and human resources. Linda is skilled and thorough when identifying gaps within these organizations, she offers support and individualized recommendations.

Contact: Linda R. Crockett

Phone: 780-965-7480