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2355 Crockett websizeLinda R. Crockett, MSW, RSW, SEP
Founder and Executive Director

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Deborah Prowse, Q.C., Alberta Health Advocate

Deborah has a professional background and training in Social Work and Law. She has worked in the areas of respectful workplace, human rights and conflict management offering mediation, investigation and training. Deborah served as Panel Chair for the Alberta Human Rights Commission and as a Sitting Justice of the Peace in the Provincial Court of Alberta, Traffic Division.

Following the death of her mother from a potassium mix-up in 2004, Deborah became a very committed Patient Safety Advocate. She is a founding member of a variety of local, provincial and national patient safety groups. She also served two terms as a board member with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. Deborah has played a significant role in speaking about her family’s experiences to advance patient safety culture, policies and procedures.

In July 2014, Deborah was appointed as the Alberta Health Advocate. Her responsibilities include implementing the provincial Health Charter, the first of its kind in Canada.

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Bob Stenhouse, Workplace Investigator,  Facilitator & Seminar Presenter

Bob Stenhouse is a workplace investigator, facilitator, and seminar presenter with specialization in harassment and bullying, psychological safety, sexual harassment and violence, human rights, and management reviews.

In the 90’s Bob was nationally recognized as one of the RCMP’s top undercover operatives and organized crime investigators. During that time Bob received a Commanding Officer Commendation for his successful infiltrations and confessions to over 20 homicides in British Columbia and Alberta. Bob was also recognized for leading the team responsible for two of the largest, successful, organized crime investigations in Alberta. After retiring from the RCMP, Bob went on to Corporate Investigations consulting with a specialization in harassment, bullying and human rights investigations.

Joining Alberta Health Services in 2008, Bob pioneered and developed a Corporate Investigations Unit responsible for high risk and complex workplace investigations within the health professions. During this time Bob received a CEO’s recognition for his work in the oversight and management of serious and high risk investigations. Bob holds a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies and two Executive Certificates in the areas of leadership and change management. Bob is passionate about workplace wellness, psychological safety, and the development of high performing teams.

Kelly vanOuwerkerk

Kelly has been engaged in the field of human resources for over 14 years after completing her Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta. She is a generalist in human resources who gravitates to the areas of employee relations, performance management, leadership development, and compensation. Kelly enjoys providing a variety of solutions to problems which help both employees

and employers in the process. Throughout her years in HR, after conducting several complex investigations, Kelly has developed her expertise in workplace investigations.

In addition, Kelly provides human resources consulting services to several clients on an ongoing basis. Kelly believes that HR processes and practices should be kept as simple as possible and always keeps this in mind when working with clients. Conducting investigations is an area of HR that Kelly really enjoys. She practices with a holistic approach utilizing an objective lens

to explore all aspects of each unique case. Kelly works with employees and employers after the investigation on how to move forward. Throughout the investigation, almost always underlying issues or deficiencies in HR-related processes or practices are discovered that Kelly can assist the employer to put into to practice.


Strategic planning
Workplace Investigation
Leadership Coaching
Policy Documentation & Compliance
Job Description Creation
Recruitment & Selection
Performance Management Advice & System Design
Succession Planning

Kelly vanOuwerkerk
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Corinne Willis
Educator and Certified Life Coach

I Am Hungry for Change:

Experiencing bullying can be devastating, resulting in anxiety, low self esteem and grief. Have you noticed how the mind tends to get stuck in repetitive thought loops that squeeze out the possibility for recovery, healing and personal growth? It takes a lot of courage to release and to embrace the new.

I help people move past the barriers that keep them from living their full potential. With the support I offer, you open to new insights, intuition, and ideas moving you towards what you really want. Life gets easier.

Corinne Willis, Educator and Certified Life Coach, offers Private Coaching over the phone. Group, private and corporate programs on Workplace Well-being as well as Meditation courses are also available.

Mobile: 780.999.5489    Email: coachcorinne@shaw.ca
Web Site: www.iamhungryforchange.com










Jan Stefanic
Development Advisor and Business Consultant

is a Christian Life coach with a specialty for helping adults experiencing the stress and duress of workplace or community bullying. She is a former team Member for Marketplace Chaplain’s Care Team Canada; working with Companies caring for their employees and families in stress and crisis related issues. Her skills, training, and experienced allow her to offer her Christian clients a variety of tools to move through their experience and return to a place of wholeness and stability. Jan has many years of experience in working with people in various states of life crisis and trauma. Her goal is to support clients as they rediscover their joy and passion for life once again. Jan offers one to one discipleship including supportive coaching and guidance.

Jan is a Development Advisor and Business Consultant, who has a compassion to see people succeed not only in their business endeavors, but also in their personal growth. Her background is in senior management positions, and nonprofit organizations i.e.: World Vision, Edmonton Dream Center, and the Mustard Seed. Jan also has cherished her time in the role as a Care Team Member for Marketplace Care Team Canada; working with Companies caring for their employees and families in stress & crisis related issues.