ABRC Associates

List of Services Offered         

Consultations, Investigations,  Assessments and Policy Review.

Coaching, Training for Leadership, Staff, Communities, and Clients.

Specialized Counselling Services for Targets, Bystanders, & Family Members.

Rehabilitation Programs for those identified with bullying behaviours.


Janus Associates is a large private practice located in Calgary, Alberta. Pat Ferris, MSW, RSW, M.Sc., Ph.D. is a partner in the practice and a clinician who has treated targets of workplace bullying since the mid – 1990s. She also works within organizations to train supervisors to identify and manage workplace bullying, with Occupational Health professionals on managing disability related to the experience of workplace bullying, and with HR professionals on managing perpetrators of bullying. Dr. Ferris researches on the topic of workplace bullying and presents at numerous conferences on the topic. She is the Co-Convenor of the Therapist Special Interest Group of the International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment. She works with the international group of treating therapists to develop diagnostic and treatment protocols.

Pat conducts assessments for the purpose of Arbitration, court, and disability management and provides treatment to those impacted by workplace bullying. Her treatment team provides facilitation and mediation (where appropriate and agreed to) and coaching to those identified as abrasive or abusive towards others in the workplace. Pat also provides Respectful Workplace Training.

To contact Pat about the services available please call her at 403-269-9600/1-877-269-9666 or email her at pferris@janusassociates.ca

Marlene Hope, Founder, and President of Masada Associates

is a consultant specializing in assisting organizations in dealing with workplace issues; including workplace conflict, bullying, harassment, and breaches of internal policies.  She is a licenced investigator under the Security Services and Investigators Act.

Marlene is a skilled investigator, having worked previously as a Detective with the Calgary Police Service. She has adapted to the nuances surrounding corporate investigation by receiving additional training from Rubin Thomlinson, Toronto ON.

She brings to organizations and post-secondary institutions a unique skill set utilizing the Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (FETI ©), and Neurobiology Trauma Strategies for Investigation of Sexual Assault and Harassment, and other trauma-based workplace issues. She also incorporates proactive approaches to workplace issues through mediation, conflict coaching, and equine assisted facilitated learning (EAL). EAL allows individuals to partner with horses, and complete various exercises to gain a greater sense of self-awareness and understanding about how they influence those around them.  Marlene has certificates in Criminology (University of Windsor), Human Resource Management (University of Calgary), Senior Police Administration (University of Calgary), Mediation /Third Party Intervention (Justice Institute of British Columbia).  Marlene provides training to corporations and individuals in conflict resolution, communication, investigation and the FETI methodology.

Her clientele has included Fortune 100 companies, large corporations, and Post-Secondary institutions; she is comfortable working in unionized environments. Marlene brings her skills, talents, collaborative style and a strong network of associates to maximize Masada’s capacity to provide its clients optimal service

To contact Marlene, visit her website or email her at




Jennifer V. Magnus  

President of Magnus Consulting Inc.


Jen conducts workplace investigations and assessments related to allegations of bullying, harassment, threats of violence, sexual assault, conflict of interest or any other allegations of a breach of the employment relationship or company policy. 

She offers workplace training related to Forensic Experiential Trauma Interviewing (FETI), training related to workplace bullying and harassment, leadership, and coaching training. Jen is available to conduct qualitative and quantitative research.


Before starting Magnus Consulting Inc., she worked for the Calgary Police Service for 14 years. This valuable work experience included investigating criminal complaints, liaising with community members, mentoring junior officers, and researching and instructing on special projects for the Calgary Police Service. Jen has experience in Law, Investigations, Public Relations, Leadership, Training, Coaching, and Research. 

Magnus Consulting Inc. offers:


  • Workplace investigations, interviewing, and assessments
  • Leadership training
  • Staff training
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Policy assessment and development

Example of Qualifications:

Doctor of Business Administration: Organizational Leadership.

Conducting Workplace Assessments, and Investigations

Forensic Experiential Trauma Interviewing

Conflict Resolution and Workplace Mediation

Promoting Cultural Change and Enhancing Gender Diversity  

First Responder to Sexual Assault and Abuse Training  

John Maxwell Coaching, Speaking, and Leadership Certification

Master of Criminal Justice Studies

Applied Justice Studies Degree

Contact Information:  

Ph: 403.601.3040


Email: jen@magnusconsultinginc.com


Website: magnusconsultinginc.com

Michelle J. Buckle – MA, CCC, RDT, R Psych

Michelle is a Registered Drama Therapist and a Registered Psychologist. Michelle holds a Certified Canadian Counsellor Certificate with Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and she is registered with the Canadian Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. With over 22 years experience in the field, Michelle runs a private counselling and consulting practice in Edmonton. Michelle loves working with children, adolescents, families and groups using artistic and creative approaches to bring about healing and change. Her practice also involves conducting psychological assessments, teaching at institutions, working in schools and organizations. Michelle’s areas of specialization include self-esteem, bullying, trauma & abuse, stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, parenting concerns and emotional-behavioral problems. Another area of focus for Michelle is helping young women to build positive body confidence. Knowing that strength can be crafted, built and designed, I offer workshops for Young Women called “Beauty From Within”.

Michelle J Buckle

Registered Psychologist & Dramatherapist

MJB Psychological Services Ltd.

Tel: 780-757-8255(TALK)


Trish Scoular

Trish Scoular is a Registered Professional Counsellor who treats people living with depression and anxiety, often seen in people who were bullied, abused, or have suffered trauma. I am able to assess, which gives their physician an indication of where their levels are, allowing them proper treatment through medication. I use mindfulness, reiki, cognitive behavioral therapy which are helpful in working through any self-esteem, anger, and other issues that arise. I address co-dependency, grief, conflict, suicide indicators, boundaries and communication styles. I am founder of Love From The Inside Wellness Society. I work with municipal and provincial governments when advocating for groups and currently working on a private members bill. I am a member of the Canadian Professional Counsellor’s Association and Past President of the Regional Management Team for BC/Yukon. I have a Diploma in Applied Psychology and Counselling.

My website is:

My Story

Candy Khan, Multicultural and Diversity Consultant

Candy Khan is recognized as a very knowledgeable and committed professional in the areas of diversity, inclusion, bullying, and interculturalism. She has been working with newcomers to Canada and mainstream population for over 20 years. She is well versed in the fields of career development, settlement and workplace investigations. In her previous work life, she worked at various non-government organizations, public and private institutions. Academically, Candy has kept herself on the leading edge of diversity and inclusion, having completed her Master’s of Education in Theoretical, Cultural and International studies from University of Alberta and prior to achieving that completed her certificate in Career Development from Concordia University College of Alberta.  She is currently enrolled in the PhD program at University of Alberta. Candy is a director at Can Den Coaching and Consultancy in Edmonton. She actively promotes and supports diversity and inclusion policies, strategies and initiatives.  In the last eight years, Candy has been able to make extensive gains in promoting a respectful workplace culture vis-à-vis curriculum delivery, training/education and working collaboratively with leaders in Alberta to ensure policies, practices, and structures are equitable for all. Professionals like Candy who work in diversity and inclusion are playing a very important role in today’s workplace.

Pauline Melnyk, Director and Principal Consultant at Melnyk Consulting

Meet Pauline Melnyk, Director and Principal Consultant at Melnyk Consulting, who listens to the individual and the flow within an organization to affect change. As both an advocate for eliminating psychological harassment – bullying in workplaces and helping employees get back to functioning in a healthy work environment she focusses on changing and intervening in the system that created the behaviour.  Pauline has been coaching leaders and Executives for now close on 20 years, and demonstrates the importance of observing the behaviours showing up in the business and in leaders; and honestly providing feedback straight on. This can be a difficult conversation carried out with the best intent and interest of helping those responsible for making the next ‘logical’ step forward in creating wellness. 

Change is inevitable. For many organizations and individuals change can become a regular occurrence it can be Swift and sudden or Developmental and deliberate.  Accordingly, dealing with change and, more significantly, the impact of change, is a high priority for qualified professionals. 

Pauline Melnyk knows change.   Pauline brings high energy, professionalism, passion and dedication to client service and program development, enabling behaviour and organizational change at every level.   As a member or associate of nearly a dozen professional organizations, change and human behaviour are a constant focus in her business and personal pursuits. Pauline is a strong advocate for changing the behaviours, symbols and systems that create Respectful and Inclusive Workplaces.   

She’s a certified positive psychology coach and practitioner of Trilotherapy, Mindfulness, Leadership Development and Action Learning.   Creating balance, wellness and finding a path forward for her clients through mentoring, coaching, issues management, collaboration, communications and professional advice is her goal. 

  • Unlock resistance to change  
  • Enable teams to work effectively to deal with and embrace change  
  • Speed up the implementation of change initiatives 
  • Develop ethical leadership behaviours 
  • Create psychologically healthy workplaces. 

Speaking Engagements arrangement 


  • Consulting:   
  • Coaching:  Organizational Learning Specialist and Action Learning Coach, Change Management Practitioner, Positive Psychology Coaching. MBTI Type Assessment and Career Counseling. 
  • FacilitationToP Facilitative Leadership – methods, planning, application & design.  Facilitation excellence for individuals, teams, organizations and even societies.  Sustainable Leadership Development and Systems Thinking.  Connecting People to Passion and Purpose. 
  • Change Management Accreditation Services – globally recognized quality training and development of change management professionals. 
  • Trilotherapy Group & Individual Sessions:  Building the Leader Within by understanding the sources of discomfort and suffering.  Getting to know your inner children (heart & mind) to awaken the “I” parent to regain balance.  based on the philosophies and practices of Zen Master Nissim Amon. 

Change Management Practitioner, Human Resources  – Organizational Effectiveness and Business transformation.  Learning and Development Program Effectiveness and On-boarding. 

Helping Targets of Bullying regain their sense of ‘self’ and enhance their positive power.

Dalyn Sjogren – Daysdream Makeovers

Feel Confident, Youthful, Beautiful, and Divinely Feminine

Dalyn is a Certified Professional Facial and Makeup Artist able to combine her skills as a Reiki Practitioner for those who need pampering and support.

After a lifetime of being a target of bullying and traumatic experiences, life changing events sent her down a much different path and Dalyn came to realize that our health and happiness is vitally important and a journey of healing and pursuing desires was paramount.

Dalyn had a passion for beauty and wellness when in her teens. She started doing skin care consultations, makeovers, and bridal makeup in 1988, but yet lacked confidence to follow her dreams. Instead, she did the “right” thing (by societal standards) and went into secretarial work. This lead Dalyn to becoming a Human Resources Professional for 15 years. During 10 of those years she developed her skills building her own “HR, Training & Coaching Business” while working in the Agriculture industry.


In 2014 Dalyn started the journey of pursuing her desires and took the Makeup Artistry program at Artists Within based in Calgary, Alberta, becoming a Certified ITEC Makeup Artist.


Dalyn is deeply passionate about helping women feel confident, youthful, beautiful, and divinely feminine, which she believes all women should have the opportunity to feel. She understands the importance of women feeling confident, understanding their desires, and believing they can achieve their dreams.  Daysdream Makeovers helps women build their confidence by providing them with an Inside Out Makeover.

The Inside Out Makeover, depending on the client’s interest and desires, can involve channeling and releasing negative energy through Reiki, sharing experiences and the impact they have had on confidence, providing advice, connecting the client with healing practitioners and women’s support networks, and a complete Facial and Makeover for any event.  With the end goal of helping women feel confident, youthful and beautiful, ultimately Divinely Feminine.


Dalyn facilitates an Empowering Women Network Circle and is an associate with the Alberta Bullying Research, Resources, & Recovery Centre (abrc.ca).  Dalyn is also pursuing opportunities to volunteer with various cancer associations to help Women Living with Cancer.

See www.daysdream.ca   or call 403-605-2370


I Am Hungry for Change: Experiencing bullying can be devastating, resulting in anxiety, low self esteem and grief. Have you noticed how the mind tends to get stuck in repetitive thought loops that squeeze out the possibility for recovery, healing and personal growth? It takes a lot of courage to release and to embrace the new.

I help people move past the barriers that keep them from living their full potential. With the support I offer, you open to new insights, intuition, and ideas moving you towards what you really want. Life gets easier.

Corinne Willis, Educator and Certified Life Coach, offers Private Coaching over the phone. Group, private and corporate programs on Workplace Well-being as well as Meditation courses are also available.

Mobile: 780.999.5489    Email: coachcorinne@shaw.ca
Web Site: www.iamhungryforchange.com


Lives in Transition (LIT) provides a wholistic service to women whose primary barrier to employment is a history of domestic abuse. The program is designed to help women move towards the end goal of employment, further education and/or training. Throughout the 30 weeks that clients can be with us we will offer component programming as well as supportive services, counselling and support group building activities. All of the components of the program come together to create an enriching experience for the client through which she can create a stronger foundation to move forward with her life.
www.litinc.ca 780-496-9224

ABRC Inc. provides ongoing a workshops to LIT for people who are recovering from domestic violence and preparing to re-enter the workforce. This workshop provides an overview of the relationship between domestic violence and bullying at all ages. We review definitions, terminology, signs and tactics of bullying, profile of a bully, targets and bystanders, methods for prevention, interventions, solutions, options, resources and recovery. This workshop is adapted to meet the needs and best interests of each unique audience. Contact 780-965-7480 for more information.