About Us

unnamed (2)Our Mandate
To inspire hope and contribute to the safety and well-being of people of all ages, faiths, cultures, communities, and professions, concerned and/or affected by bullying


ABRC’s goal is to break the silence that enables bullying to continue. 

We believe that teaching about the signs, tactics, profile, causes and more, will allow all ages to find a language to identify what is happening to them. Bullying often takes a person’s voice away and we wish to prevent this from happening. ABRC will provide support to those affected by bullying, and to those curious about how to prevent it from happening.


ABRC’s goal is to increase awareness and discussions about this abuse. With that, increasing numbers of cases will be identified, reported, and resolved. 

This is an insidious form of abuse that often takes place behind closed doors. Without witnesses, employers, human rights commissions, unions, and insurance companies (WCB) struggle to support those affected. As a result few complaints are filed, bystanders stay silent and many feel hopelessness. Dissuasive statements e.g. ‘just stay under the radar’ or ‘it’s just a personality conflict’ avoid protecting those targeted.


ABRC’s goal is to collaborate with other professions, offer training, and increase specialized services available to employers and employees. 
We wish to a fill many gaps that exists in Alberta resources for those affected by bullying.