Zero Tolerance


Zero Tolerance, in deed

“No bullying allowed!”, scream the posters

Zero tolerance for such behaviour

School children and their parents repeatedly told the message:

Report without fear of reprise

Bystanders must not be silent 

We will help you

We must change the old ways

Bullying is abusive and it stops here!

If only it were true

If only it were fact 

If only it applied to all

If only 

If only

A teacher is painted with a bullseye

An educator is caught in the crosshairs

Those witnessing it look away

Those suspecting disappear 

Fear of reprisal

Fear of being caught up in the tidal wave

Fear of catching “the disease”

Or spoiling the upward climb of the ladder

Those with the ability to make a difference

Those with the proof

Look away

Encourage keeping silent

Take the easy way

The safe way

The quiet way

People whisper “constructive dismissal”

Professionals diagnose “PTSD from workplace bullying” 

Allies say there’s nothing to be done,

Nothing to be won

We can only support you if you win

We have your back -at least for awhile

Please don’t push too hard

Please don’t push too far

Don’t make a fuss


Be grateful 

Let it end quickly

Let it end quietly

The victim is told to move on

The bullies stay in place

“No bullying allowed ” is intoned

Except when it is needed

Zero tolerance in fact

Zero tolerance in reality 

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Alberta, Canada
Zero Tolerance
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