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By Michele Luit

When first started my career in Human Resources, was “workplace bullying” unheard of?  No, but any reference about that subject remained unspoken.  Now with changes to employment law, corporate policy and code of conducts, this topic is no longer a dark secret.  As consultants, Linda Crockett (founder of ABRC.com) and I work with and for organizations that strive to be preventative, where policy statements are written and communicated often and reminders distributed to all employees at a minimum on an annual basis.  We also support the targets of workplace bullying on how best to manage the complex experience and helping them regain their self-esteem and a degree of control over outcome.  We see employers modifying orientation programs to help employees understand the difference between healthy interactions as compared to workplace bullying that is insidious and long-lasting, both in its effect and its range of targets.

Years ago, I knew an individual who started every day with a favorite expression, “same s__t, different day”.  Initially, colleagues thought it funny – I said initially.  Over time, colleagues realized this was an effective tool at keeping co-workers at bay and for those who did not keep a distance, this individual relied upon a wrath of other behaviours until the message was understood; that message being, I have a right to behave in this fashion and treat you this way because I have never been told to stop!

We have developed a number of workshops to assist you in identifying those behaviours which meet the definition of workplace bullying, how to clearly communicate the employer’s expectations regarding acceptable, non-threatening behaviour to the perpetrator, and how best to support those employees who find the courage to come forward.   We will also talk about the role of “by-standers” and share ideas and practices that will encourage them to intervene when witnessing or being aware of destructive behaviours that are hurting their colleagues and ultimately, creating a work environment that is no longer healthy or safe.     

Our workshop experience promises to be interactive, encouraging audience members to table their stories and experiences for further discussion.  Linda’s portion of the presentation will speak from the perspective of  an Master’s Degree Social Worker with a speciality in addressing workplace bullying  – offering insight to the harm and risk factors associated with abuse in the workplace. My presentation, as an individual with a MA in Conflict Analysis and Management, shall speak to the development of policy statements, internal education programs and the conduct of workplace investigations.


ABRC Founder Linda Crockett

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We Offer You a Variety of Resources
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