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Education, Prevention, Intervention, and Recovery Options

Welcome to Our Website! We have a variety of services to offer you.
Workplace and/or Case Assessment by Employers, or employee request.
  • Investigations, Assessments, Recommendations
  • Policy and Complaint Process Development
  • Workplace Coaching, Workshop, Leadership or Staff Training
  • Workplace Specialized (brief or long term) clinical counselling
  • Supportive, educational, rehabilitation for difficult employees.
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We specialize in addressing workplace (psychological harassment, psychological violence) bullying. We use a holistic perspective to meet the needs of all parties involved.
Our goal is to assist all employees and achieve a long term healthy, respectful and productive, workplace culture.

Workplace assessments, training, consultations and/or counselling sessions can be

arranged by contacting us at 780-965-7480 or by email at

Workplace Consults: on or off site

Workplace Coaching: on or off site

Workplace Specialized Counselling:

Edmonton, or Calgary Locations, in person, or via phone/Skype

Qualified, Trained and Experienced Specialists

Counselling Sessions Available for All Ages Affected By Bullying


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